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Local & Sustainable Production

As one of the United States' leading private label knitwear manufacturers, our unwavering commitment has always been to local and sustainable production.

Versatile Local Craftsmanship

Our professional local production ensures products swiftly reach consumers, empowering brands to adopt to shifting trends and evolving consumer preferences.

Committed to maintaining rigorous US labor standards, we foster transparency throughout our supply chains.

Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing

At Andari, we have embraced cutting-edge seamless 3D knitting technology.

This innovative approach creates knitwear in one entire piece, minimizing labor and yarn consumption

compared to traditional methods. The end products increase durability and reduce waste.

Moreover, our commitment to the environment extends to our factory, where solar panels power opperations, ensuring an environmentally friendly process and a notably diminished carbon footprint.

By seamlessly integrating sustainability, transparency, and innovation, we continue to pave the way in the world of knitwear manufacturing, setting a benchmark for quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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