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In today’s rapidly changing retail environment, products will need to be developed and produced quickly and cost effectively.  Rather than wasting time and energy to shop around, you can work directly with our specialized team in the U.S. to formulate a production strategy for product.  

Leveraging our overseas facility, Andari is able to take advantage of lower cost structure to supply goods at a greater value.  This has enabled us to serve different segments of market.  Our facility in Asia has the same Stoll & Shima Seiki computerized knitting machines as our domestic facility and even more supplemental capabilities.  Customers can see their samples made in the U.S. quickly, and yet have a choice to manufacture oversea at lower cost.

Andari’s overseas facility is fully compliant with local labor law and with major U.S. audit standards.

As the U.S. retail market place becomes more trends-driven, Andari expanded into the knits category in 2008.  By utilizing its existing facility and working with local fabric suppliers, Andari can help you introduce a wider range of  products to the marketplace faster and more effectively.

Andari offers full packaged knits production including pattern/sample making, cutting, sewing, and packaging under the same facility.  In addition, working with local subcontractors, we are also able to produce garments that require embroidery, embellishment, garment dye/wash, printing, and other novelty finishes.

In our U.S. facility, we have a wide range of Stoll and Shima Seiki computerized flat-bed knitting machines.  This coupled with our linking capability makes Andari one of the few domestic manufacturers able to offer high quality fully-fashioned and volume knitwear production.   We offer 1.5 GG to 14 GG fully fashioned sweaters and Whole Garment sweaters in 5, 8, 12, and 18 GG.


Andari provides fast turnaround on sampling and production, allowing you to focus on what's important to you, such as design and marketing.  At Andari's headquarter, you are able to find a variety of yarns for sampling, browse our extensive product library, and consult with our in-house designers for ideas.  Andari is a true one-stop shop for sweater manufacturing


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